【1.10】Search for muon to electron conversion at J-Parc--中科院高能所


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【1.10】Search for muon to electron conversion at J-Parc
2019-01-08|文章来源: |【

Experimental Physics Division (EPD) seminar
Title: Search for muon to electron conversion at J-Parc
Speaker: Mr. Chen WU (Nanjing University / Osaka University)
Time: 10:00, Thursday 10th January 2019
Location: B326 main building
Indico: https://indico.ihep.ac.cn/event/9273/

The absence of new phenomena beyond the standard model in laboratory and the ever growing mysteries about the universe together define the current delimma of particle physics, and the only solution is keeping searching. Among all the possible processes to be studied, the charged lepton flavor violation (cLFV) process is considered as a golden probe to new physics, for the practically negligible contribution from the standard model and the rich predictions from new physics models. The COMET experiment aims to search for one special cLFV process, namely muon to electron conversion, with a precision 4 orders of magnitude better than the current record. This talk will discuss the status of this experiment together with an outlook to future cLFV searches.

About the speaker:
Mr Chen Wu is a PhD candidate from Nanjing University. He joined the COMET experiment in 2012 and became muon beam line subgroup leader since 2015. His research activities include the optimizations of beam line, the background and sensitivity study, and the performance evaluation of the COMET drift chamber. He is now a research fellow at Osaka University and his current focus is reconstruction of multiple turn tracks in the COMET drift chamber.

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